Saturday, August 23, 2008

All the Alder Boys together

Today Russ and I took all of the boys out to his parents house. Tim is in town and had Eli and Amber came over with Aiden. This is the first time all five of them have been together, with the exception of Ash's birthday party. Sweet Aiden is finally getting his hair back after a long winter battling cancer. Little Eli, who looks as though he is the twins age, will be 5 months next week. Can you even believe how HUGE he is!! 4 motnhs younger than the twins but looks like he could be their triplet! It was a lot of fun but I am beat! Too many kids (all under 3) together in one place!


Sarah and Brad said...

Leslie, I found your blog on facebook! It's so cute...just like your boys! We also have a blog. It's
I'm going to add you to my favorites!!!

Laura said...

Lesli!!!! So funny.....I haven't seen you in years and now within two weeks we have found each other on facebook and the blog world. What would we do without the internet! =) I am so excited to see you have a blog and that you found our's through Sarah's. Gotta love this stuff! I look forward to hearing more stories about your boys.