Sunday, May 24, 2009

Perfect day at the zoo

Today Russ, Mom, Dad, and I took the boys to the Tulsa zoo. We had SO much fun! I won't go into the fact that we were all very tightly squeezed into my Escalade, that I got car sick due to sitting in the floor in the back, Russ forgot he wasn't back home in England and got confused on which side of the road he should be driving on, getting lost in Tulsa even when you have Onstar, or eating at the most disgusting McDonald's know to man. Other than that, it was a PERFECT DAY!
The first animals we saw were the elephants. Ashton was in awe over them. I am not sure if it was their size, the fact that the zoo staff were giving them bathes, or that it was his first animal to see. No matter why, you couldn't pry him away. He was so excited and was just squealing. I told Russ that just watching him look at them made the trip totally worth while. The twins also LOVED it! They both would point to all the animals and yell, "Look!"

Ash getting his first look at the elephants having a bath.

The twins pointing at the animals.

More pointing!

This is Ashton running from animal to animal, which he did ALL day!

Ash and Russ

More pointing!

Just a cute picture of Ashton

Henry wearing Dad's "cool" hat he bought at the gift shop to protect his neck which was already sunburned.

Ashton wearing the hat.

Ashton and his daddy as we were leaving the zoo. Oh, by the way, do you all like Russ' sunglasses? He bought them at Walgreen's this week and swears he looks just like Johnny Knoxville! Not sure he is someone I would aspire to look like but that is Russ! So silly!!!
So much fun! Thanks MiMi and PaPa for coming along and for sitting in the back so I didn't get sick! We had a blast!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A day with my best friend

Yesterday Ashton skipped school to spent the day with his best friend, Owen. Of course his mommy (Kellie Brown) is also my best friend...I know, so convenient! Here are just a few pictures of our fun day. A picnic at the park, a train ride, sand boxes, dinner, and a bath. Could the day be any better?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big News!

Guess what! Henry took probably 15 steps at physical therapy today!!!!! I couldn't be happier! Hopefully I will have these two little guys walking soon. Their poor knees can't take much more crawling!




Monday, May 11, 2009

Day at the park

We had a big day today. Ashton went to his first dentist appointment and did FABULOUS! I couldn't have asked for him to be any better behaved. He was also cavity free which made things even better!!!! Yea Ash!

After lunch with our best friends, Kellie and Owen, I brought Ashton home for a quick nap. When all the babies woke up we were off to the park to meet Kellie and Owen again for a play date and a nice train ride around the park. So fun! Here are a few pictures of the kids on the train and playing at the park.

On another note, I meet a really nice lady at the park. She has identical twin boys who are 15 months old. They were precious and after talking for a few minutes she tells me that one of the twins was just diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer. Since the boys are identical they tested the other twin. He is fine for the time being but they said he has a 50% chance of also having cancer down the road. The baby had his first chemo treatment at Children's Hospital and the mother was really optimistic. After watching my sister-in-law and my nephew Aiden go through this same thing, I know that sometimes all you can do is hope and pray. I told her about my nephew and how sick he was and how the odds were stacked against him. Aiden is now cancer free and acts just like any other 3 year old little boy.
She offered me her phone number and said she is new to the area and really could use a friend. My heart just really went out to her. Please keep this family in your prayers. I just can't imagine what she is going through. I know it must be heart breaking to have an extremely sick child and also have to leave your other baby at home. I can't even begin to understand what she must be going through. Please pray for this family.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had such a nice weekend! Friday we had Owen over for a play date. We had a lot of fun playing outside.

Look how big the twins are getting! They love these little chairs.

Harper loves my phone!

Sweet little Owen!

Russ and I ordered take out after all the kids went to bed. This is a picture of Russ after a few adult beverages. He decided that he wanted a cigar and need to go dig in his office for the proper attire. He found this lovely jacket which he told me was a "smoking jacket." He also found this Chinese looking hat. He informed me that it was a "smoking hat." Never heard of such but he looked so hysterical I just went along with it.

Yesterday we had company over for a cookout. It was so much fun! Here is a picture of the twins helping me get ready. You have to love it when they help themselves into the pantry for a snack.

Friday, May 8, 2009

We LOVE the sun!!

We have definitely been enjoying the last few days with the sunshine and playing outside!! The boys have spent a lot of time playing on the back porch where there are lots of toys for them to play on. . .as well as puddles!!

We put some "big boy" underwear on Ashton yesterday outside to see if he could keep his dinosaur underwear dry! We figured it wouldn't make too much of a mess outside if he went to the bathroom in them. We didn't have much of a problem with keeping them dry.. .more keeping them clean! He decided to go ahead and use the underwear just like a diaper and, needless to say, he had to get a good spraying from the hose to get all cleaned up! So much for that idea!

Here is Ashton wearing his dinosaur underwear but on top of his PJs. He insisted! :)

Here are a few pictures from the last week. We love the I.C. Carnival--Harper didn't enjoy the jumper so much, but everything else he did! :)

One last picture of the boys this morning. . .getting all three in one place AND looking? Almost unheard of!! :) Love, love, LOVE these boys!!