Friday, May 8, 2009

We LOVE the sun!!

We have definitely been enjoying the last few days with the sunshine and playing outside!! The boys have spent a lot of time playing on the back porch where there are lots of toys for them to play on. . .as well as puddles!!

We put some "big boy" underwear on Ashton yesterday outside to see if he could keep his dinosaur underwear dry! We figured it wouldn't make too much of a mess outside if he went to the bathroom in them. We didn't have much of a problem with keeping them dry.. .more keeping them clean! He decided to go ahead and use the underwear just like a diaper and, needless to say, he had to get a good spraying from the hose to get all cleaned up! So much for that idea!

Here is Ashton wearing his dinosaur underwear but on top of his PJs. He insisted! :)

Here are a few pictures from the last week. We love the I.C. Carnival--Harper didn't enjoy the jumper so much, but everything else he did! :)

One last picture of the boys this morning. . .getting all three in one place AND looking? Almost unheard of!! :) Love, love, LOVE these boys!!


The Sharum's said...

very cute!!! you know my boys have worn their undies on top of their diapers before..totally understand the bounce arounds. my boys hate'em macie loves'em..and your right on the pictures, trying to get 3 kids to smile and look at you is damn near impossible..haha

nat said...

love the manpanties!

Rachel Brown said...

Oh my...I love my Ashty. He is so adorable. You let him keep pooping on the dinasaurs.