Sunday, May 24, 2009

Perfect day at the zoo

Today Russ, Mom, Dad, and I took the boys to the Tulsa zoo. We had SO much fun! I won't go into the fact that we were all very tightly squeezed into my Escalade, that I got car sick due to sitting in the floor in the back, Russ forgot he wasn't back home in England and got confused on which side of the road he should be driving on, getting lost in Tulsa even when you have Onstar, or eating at the most disgusting McDonald's know to man. Other than that, it was a PERFECT DAY!
The first animals we saw were the elephants. Ashton was in awe over them. I am not sure if it was their size, the fact that the zoo staff were giving them bathes, or that it was his first animal to see. No matter why, you couldn't pry him away. He was so excited and was just squealing. I told Russ that just watching him look at them made the trip totally worth while. The twins also LOVED it! They both would point to all the animals and yell, "Look!"

Ash getting his first look at the elephants having a bath.

The twins pointing at the animals.

More pointing!

This is Ashton running from animal to animal, which he did ALL day!

Ash and Russ

More pointing!

Just a cute picture of Ashton

Henry wearing Dad's "cool" hat he bought at the gift shop to protect his neck which was already sunburned.

Ashton wearing the hat.

Ashton and his daddy as we were leaving the zoo. Oh, by the way, do you all like Russ' sunglasses? He bought them at Walgreen's this week and swears he looks just like Johnny Knoxville! Not sure he is someone I would aspire to look like but that is Russ! So silly!!!
So much fun! Thanks MiMi and PaPa for coming along and for sitting in the back so I didn't get sick! We had a blast!!!


The Sharum's said...

Your kids are so dang cute!!! The twins are getting ssooo big..

Jenna said...

You mean that's Russ in that last picture? OMG, I totally thought it was Johnny Knoxville hanging out with you and the kids today!!!! Looks like you guys had a great trip!

Laura said...

We are planning to take Parker to the Tulsa zoo next weekend and after reading your post I am even more excited! Looks like your boys had fun. I hope Parker gets as excited as your boys did.

One day at a time said...

Looks like you had all smiles....sooo glad!! Love all these pics. Ok the twins look like they have grown since the last time I saw them! Love you guys!

Rachel Brown said...

Well if Russ wants to look like Johnny Knoxville on Jackass he needs to wear those glasses and some of your underwear and run around the zoo.