Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Babies are One!!!

Today my babies turned one. The party was so much fun but very bitter sweet. I just can't believe they are a year old. Where has the time gone? All the kids had fun. It was very low key...mainly family and a couple of close friends. The babies are both still very sick but they were troopers. Please excuse all the runny noses!

Getting ready for cake!

Oh wow! Everyone is watching!

Two of our beautiful aunts, Brooke and Amber

Can you tell our Daddy is British? Mommy loves dressing us like we are in England!

Playing with Leigh Leigh...Oh how we love her! Thanks for helping get us ready for the party!

Some of our great birthday presents! Thanks everyone!

The pictures don't go in order but this is getting ready to eat cake!!

The pretty cakes! Thanks Miss Jamie Coleman! We love Creative Kitchen!

Henry likes cake but is unsure. New experiences!

Harper LOVED the cake! This picture doesn't do him justice! I had to take it away because I was afraid he would get sick from so many sweets! He is just like his Daddy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Alders

Today was wild but so much fun! Dad fried a turkey and Mom took care of cooking all of the other stuff. Thanks guys, it was great!
Landy (my niece)tried out the twins jumperoo and she loved it! Maggie Rae practiced her basketball skills (take note of the mailbox behind her...look at previous blogs for explanation.)

Ashton tried riding his Big Wheel. He just can't seem to master the pedals. It was so funny! The twins are doing good. Harper is feeling much better. He is still not himself but is on meds and having breathing treatments every four hours. We are just so happy he was able to be home for Thanksgiving.

This is Russ being silly. He and Andy threw the football around out in the yard and helped entertain the kids.

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving too and I can't wait to see your posts!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Harper is coming home!

Dr. Beene just came and and said Harper's chest x-ray didn't look any worse and he is really "perking" up so he gets to come home!!! We are so excited! He and I are both really missing our other boys! It looks like we will be heading home around noon, just enough time to get the house ready before tomorrow. Thank goodness my mom is doing all the cooking!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor little Harper

My sweet little Harper was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon. I put a call in to the doctor's office yesterday morning after he woke in the night Sunday with a bad cold (so I thought.) It got worse as the morning went on and he really started struggling to breathe. Very scary! By the time we arrived at the doctor she said there was a 75% chance we would be heading straight over to the hospital. After giving him three breathing treatments in a row with little progress, she sent us over. She first thought it was RSV (both twins had it last year but only Henry was hospitalized.) We just found out this morning that it isn't RSV (thank you Lord) but pneumonia. I know that is still bad but not as bad as RSV. Dr Beene thinks we MAY be able to come home tomorrow as long as he continues to improve. Say a little prayer for him....we sure want him healthy for Saturday! He and Henry will be one year old!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Henry and his pet pig

Henry and Harper are both really enjoying their new found freedom. Henry especially! You wouldn't believe how fast he is! The two of them never seem to go in the same direction, which really makes it fun when you are trying to keep them out of things.
We have a farm mural in the hallway by the playroom and Henry has discovered his new pet pig! I wasn't able to capture him touching and rubbing on the pig but I think you can get the idea. It is hilarious!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More about the move

Well, we are almost settled in and tonight I left the keys to the old house for the new owners. Kind of sad but not too much because I LOVE my new house!
Ashton is also starting to become more comfortable in the new house. He is no longer crying to "go home" and is also starting to be his little wild 2 year old self!
The twins are now BOTH crawling and really curious! I think these picture say it all!!!

Now on to my would think that I do this blog for the boys but I am starting to use it as a way to vent. (sorry) I don't know if you all know it but last week I wrecked my Escalade! Some damn deer jumped out in front of me. Not only did it run in to the side of my car, then it flipped up on the hood, busted my windshield, then onto the roof and finished off with the back left side. I cried at first for killing the deer but after realizing all the damage that deer did to my car, I was really mad!!! I am just thankful Harper and I were ok. He actually slept through the entire thing.
So you would think making a mess of my car would be enough...oh no!!! I had to wreak my mom's minivan as well! Yesterday I was trying to back her car out of my cul-da-sac. There were a ton of cars, construction trucks, and moving trucks there and I seemed to not realize that my neighbor's mailbox was in the way! Well let's just say it isn't in the way anymore!!! I took it out with no problem! What a way to meet your new neighbor. I felt so silly! (sorry no pics of the broken mailbox, I didn't think they would appreciate that!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rough Week

So once again, I have no pictures. I have not been able to find the box with my camera. We are about 75% moved as of tonight. We have been sleeping here since Friday night but with only the necessities. The movers came back today with their huge 18-wheeler and filled it up AGAIN! Russ and I have TOO much stuff! Today they loaded the other 25% of the furniture, all the stuff in the attic and the garage. For all of you who know Russ....the garage was a huge undertaking!!!! Unfortunately, they have to come back tomorrow to unload it.
Needless to say, the move is really hard on the family but it has been exceptionally hard on Ashton. Every night when we put him to bed he asks to go home. He just doesn't seem to realize that we are home. Poor guy! Friday and Saturday night were long nights but last night was much better. Hopefully tonight will start to get back to normal. The twins don't seem to notice that they are any where different. Thank you Lord!!!
As soon as I find the box with the camera I will take some pictures of the house so everyone can see our mess/progress!! And of course...I will have some new pics of my precious babies!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random things

I wish I had some cute pictures to add to this but I don't. Sorry! I did want to share some fun things the boys have done the last couple of days.
First, Harper has learned how to cover his eyes and shout "boo!" Ok, it actually sounds more like "baa" but I totally know he means boo. I guess you could say I feel like after 3 boys I can speak baby!
Now for Ashton...I am so trying to convince him that it way overdue to learn how to pee pee in the potty. Ashton is not having anything to do with it. No matter how hard I try or what I try to bribe him with he gives me the same response. "No, no thank you Mommy!" I know it is a really polite way of turning me down but the cuteness of it is really starting to wear off. Tonight he really put me in my place. I asked him before I put on his pjs if he needed to go pee pee in the potty. He told me, "No, no thank you Mommy. Put diaper on now!" So he obviously totally gets it! I need help so if anyone has any suggestions I am totally open. Little stinker!
Last but certainly not least is Henry. I don't have too much to share about Henry tonight except he is so sweet! My favorite thing about him right now is that he closes his eyes when he gets excited and laughes. It is so funny!
I love all my sweet boys! How blessed am I!