Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor little Harper

My sweet little Harper was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon. I put a call in to the doctor's office yesterday morning after he woke in the night Sunday with a bad cold (so I thought.) It got worse as the morning went on and he really started struggling to breathe. Very scary! By the time we arrived at the doctor she said there was a 75% chance we would be heading straight over to the hospital. After giving him three breathing treatments in a row with little progress, she sent us over. She first thought it was RSV (both twins had it last year but only Henry was hospitalized.) We just found out this morning that it isn't RSV (thank you Lord) but pneumonia. I know that is still bad but not as bad as RSV. Dr Beene thinks we MAY be able to come home tomorrow as long as he continues to improve. Say a little prayer for him....we sure want him healthy for Saturday! He and Henry will be one year old!!!!


karaandgregheim said...

I'm praying for little Harper! Poor baby! And poor you...is there anything I can do to help? Keep me posted on how he is doing!

Shannon said...

I am so sorry! Will keep him (and your family) in my prayers. Hoping for a speedy recovery!