Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More about the move

Well, we are almost settled in and tonight I left the keys to the old house for the new owners. Kind of sad but not too much because I LOVE my new house!
Ashton is also starting to become more comfortable in the new house. He is no longer crying to "go home" and is also starting to be his little wild 2 year old self!
The twins are now BOTH crawling and really curious! I think these picture say it all!!!

Now on to my would think that I do this blog for the boys but I am starting to use it as a way to vent. (sorry) I don't know if you all know it but last week I wrecked my Escalade! Some damn deer jumped out in front of me. Not only did it run in to the side of my car, then it flipped up on the hood, busted my windshield, then onto the roof and finished off with the back left side. I cried at first for killing the deer but after realizing all the damage that deer did to my car, I was really mad!!! I am just thankful Harper and I were ok. He actually slept through the entire thing.
So you would think making a mess of my car would be enough...oh no!!! I had to wreak my mom's minivan as well! Yesterday I was trying to back her car out of my cul-da-sac. There were a ton of cars, construction trucks, and moving trucks there and I seemed to not realize that my neighbor's mailbox was in the way! Well let's just say it isn't in the way anymore!!! I took it out with no problem! What a way to meet your new neighbor. I felt so silly! (sorry no pics of the broken mailbox, I didn't think they would appreciate that!)

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