Monday, October 13, 2008

Camping with Dad

What a busy fun weekend we had! Miss Lara and I took the twins to Stillwater to see Jennifer's new baby. His name is Sutton and he was born on October 8. He is precious!
Russ and Ashton decided to have a "Guy's Weekend." I was terrified when Russ said that they were going to go camping while we were away. Really, a two year old going camping? I just didn't like the idea. But....they went anyway and had a blast! They went to the Buffalo River, took the mountain bike with the toddler seat on the back and had a wonderful time. Ashton loved sitting by the fire, playing with the flashlight and counting the starts. How cute is that!

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Jose and Mary Dominguez said...

Lesli! Your boys are adorable...Ashton looks just like you. Congratulations on such a beautiful family. I found your blog from Haley and Kyle's. You can see my little guy on our blog.
tell your mom that I said Hi.
Mary Oxley (Dominguez now)