Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of preschool

Ashton had his first day of preschool today. He was a little unsure this morning when he woke up and had very little to say. On the way there I asked him if he wanted to listen to "his songs" and he told me no. I then asked if he wanted to watch a little bit of a movie on the way and he told me no again. I decided to just talk to him and he told me to be quiet. I guess it was the nerves because he never wants to sit in a quiet car.

As soon as we pulled up at IC he got very excited. That made me feel a lot better because I thought I was going to be in for a rough drop off. We walked in and talked to his teacher, Wendy Hindley. Next we walked to the room next door to see his cousin, Aiden. All was well until I took him back to his classroom and told him that I had to go home to take care of the twins but that I would be back in a little while to pick him up. Well, that is when things turned around. His little eyes swelled up and and he told me, "I not want to stay at big school with Miss Hindley. No thank you Mommy!" As much as I hated seeing him so upset I knew that it would only be worse if I stayed because that would just drag it out. So I kissed him goodbye and handed him to Wendy.

I am DYING to go pick him up this afternoon!!! I can't wait to hear how he did after I left. I sure hope he didn't cry for long.

Here are a couple of pictures of Russ trying to teach Ash how to ride a big boy bike. Look closly at his bike, YES it is a Dora bike!! I know that it is supposed to be for a girl but he LOVES Dora!!! I always say that he has a thing for older Hispanic women!! hahaha!! Oh, and yes he is wearing a pink shirt. He is very secure in his manhood. How else could he ride a Dora bike and wear a pink shirt at the same time!!


Karen Cleveland said...

Ashton is so cute--I think that he looks so much like you!! Hope his day went well today. When Cooper was his age he loved Dora too, in fact he was Dora for Halloween that year! I'm glad that my husband didn't think it was a big deal for our son to be dressed like a girl. It was so cute and someday will be great photos to show at his wedding!

Hope you guys have a good week! Lucy will be here tomorrow:)

The Sharum's said...

he is such a big boy!!