Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July was fun and eventful this year! Mimi and Papa came home early from the lake to celebrate with us, so we grilled out for dinner and let Ashton stay up late to watch the fireworks at the country club! We weren't sure if he would make it that late (or that he would be in a good mood), but he did it!

We met up with Andy, Rachel, and Maggie, as well as Maw and Papa Tom (Rachel's parents) at the country club. Ashton and Maggie played together while we waited for the fireworks to begin. Ashton was having such a good time, and was making friends with other adults! :) He walked up to two men who were visiting and stood between them speaking jibberish to them. The men weren't sure exactly what he was saying or what to do. We figured he just wanted to make some new friends, but we quickly realized he thought he knew one of the men, because he started crying and yelling, "Andy! Andy!" The man didn't quite know what to do, so he just looked at him. Ash figured that if he put his hand up this man's pants and pulled on them, it would definitely be Andy and he would pick him up!! Makes perfect sense!! Mom went over to save the man and to tell Ashton it wasn't Andy, but he insisted it was "my Andy!" finally he found the real Andy! :)

Not long after the hand up the shorts, the fireworks began! Ashton seemd a little nervous about the loud noises from the fireworks when they first started, but toward the end, he was out of mom's lap and on his own naming the colors he saw as the fireworks went off! He even talked about "fireworks! boom! boom!" on the ride home as well as first thing the morning after! :) He really enjoyed himself!

We had to do some minor surgery at our house this weekend as well! Ashton dropped his duck through the stair spindles into a bowl-type lamp in the entry way. Luckily Miss Lara (our nanny) noticed the duck sitting in the globe, but it was a little too late! Duck's poor arm had a hole burned through it and we were lucky we saw it when we did, or it could have burned the house down! He has 2 ducks, but really seems to favor the duck that has his bill chewed on! (gross, we know, that's why we had a newer one, but he just won't take it!) So we thought about amputating the wing and just sewing it up, but Russ and Mimi thought up a very creative idea! What about decapitating the old duck head from the burned body, and sewing it onto the body of the new duck! He really only likes the bill anyway! So we did some surgery, and put the old duck head on the new duck body! We think he still knows it's not quite the same and keeps saying, "my duck!" but we just keep insisting it is the same ol' duck! :)

Never a dull moment around here!!

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Mary Kate said...

Yes, I remember you Lesli. Thanks for the comment! Your boys are absolutley precious! I am sure I will have some questions for you along the way! Thanks for offering to help! It's a small world that you inlaws live down the street from us.