Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peanuts and China

Ashton has grown to be quite the curious child! This weekend, Henry was getting a diaper change (which you can imagine happens quite regularly around here) and Ashton was observing this occurance. He looked at Henry and pointed to him and said, "Henry's pee-pee!" I figured it would be an appropriate time to discuss proper terms for private parts and replied by saying, "That's Henry's penis." With his sweet innocent face, he looked at me and smiled and said, "Henry's peanuts?" :) And with that, we have re-named our boy parts around our house. . .along with Maggie's name for girl parts. . .china! :)

Later, while cooking supper that night, I walked into the den to find Ashton sitting on the floor, playing with his little brothers! The twins were sitting up playing with a few toys, and Ashton realized that they were playing just like he does! Lately, Ash has been into sharing and letting others have a turn. He was being so sweet and decided to share his rubber toy snakes. He handed them each a snake and refered to them by name. . .HER-NEY and HAA-PER (we think this is the "british side" of him!) :)

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