Friday, September 12, 2008

Our new house!

Russ and I have finally found a house that we BOTH love. Seems we have been looking for a while for a bigger house...Lord knows we need it with all these kids. It seemed that every house I liked, he didn't. All the houses he liked, I didn't.

Well Rachel decided to take action and she found a house that she thought we would both like. There was only one problem.....the house wasn't for sale. I know, BIG problem! Well everyone knows how Rachel is. She just went to the couple and asked if they might consider selling their home. They were NOT interested and wouldn't return her calls but she stayed on them for over a month. She finally convinced them it was in there best interest to move. How she did this I have no idea. Russ and I went around the house and both fell in love. Before Rachel could even get our house listed, she sold it! Go figure! If anyone knows of a better realtor than Rachel Brown, please tell me! I just can't believe they are out there! (Thanks a bunch Rach! We love you!) are a couple of pictures! Can you tell that I am excited?

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Mary Kate said...

Wow...beautiful!! Things always have a way of working out!! Have fun moving!!!