Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We are back!

Well after a week of no cell phones or internet, we are finally back! How did we ever make it without these things?
It seems that there is so much to share but I am not going to bore everyone so I am going to just pick a few random pictures of the kids. I know everyone is tired of looking at Christmas pictures so I will leave those out.

How funny is this picture of Ashton. Doubled fisted and just can't decide if he would rather have chocolate milk or white milk, so....might as well have both!

How about the twins looking at themselves through the porch door? I guess it is kind of like looking at a mirror?

Ok, so i lied. Just one picture of Christmas. Try getting two one year olds and a two year old to pose for a picture. Totally impossible! (Henry's head really isn't that big! Just a bad angle but I love they way he closes his eyes when he smiles!)

Here is Owen Brown (Kellie & Ben Brown's little boy), Maggie Rae, and Ashton all on his new plasma car. I don't know how they all fit and managed to stay on together but they sure did have fun.

Oh, I would like to point out my new mailbox. No, not MY mailbox but my neighbor's. You know, the one I backed over when we first moved in. Can you see a difference in this mailbox and the original? Other than the fact that the other was in a big pile on the ground? Let me just explain, they first had a nice brick mailbox. After I ran over that one and confessed, they tell me they never really liked it and would prefer a nice rock mailbox. Can't wait to get the bill on that! I'm just so glad I could get them that nice expensive mailbox that they always wanted! I am such a good neighbor!


The Sharum's said...

Hey I'm so glad you guys are back. I was wondering about you guys..Happy New Year!! The picture of the twins looking at each other through the door is my fav..

One day at a time said...

So glad to see you back! We missed you Les! Love the pics of the boys, can't wait to see you guys again! Call me when you get your bill and we can cry over miller lites! Love you!