Friday, January 2, 2009

Bowling with the Kids!

I don't know if any of you have taken your kids bowling but we had so much fun and I would highly recommend it. I thought Ash might be a little young but they have a wonderful piece of equipment (it looks like my Grandma's old walker) that helps them bowl really good. Actually, Russ only beat Maggie Rae by 3 points! Pretty sad considering she is 6!!!!!! Ashton decided he was finished by the 8th frame but I thought that was good. He had so much fun and was really proud of himself. I will have to admit that the ball coral (not sure the technical name) was his favorite part. Oh and I do not allow my child to climb on furniture and I promise I got him soon as I took a picture first! Haha. We were just having too much fun!

This is a picture of the ball that Ashton threw as soon as we got there. The lane was not open yet and needless to say, he didn't throw it very hard and it got stuck in the middle.

This is Ashton carrying his ball to the walker!

Ashton and Maggie using their grandma walkers!

Ashton on the score computer just hanging out watching Daddy.

Russ tried really hard to get a picture of Ashton and I together. This is the best we could get. I know, terrible, but something is better than nothing!


Karen Cleveland said...

Lesli--I have had so much fun catching up with you and lots of other friends from high school in the blog world. Your boys are SO cute!! We went bowling today too. It was our first time and lots of fun, until Emily fell and drop the ball on her head!!! Poor thing!! You'll have to come check my blog out!! Karen (Bracken)

Sharon said...

SO glad you had fun!! That ball thing works great for them, huh?!

Your hair!! We do NOT hang out enough!! What happened?!?! Life I guess! I NEED to see you!

The Sharum's said...

I have been wanting to take my kids bowling, but never have..It looked like you guys had a blast.

One day at a time said...

I took Brax bowling for the first time a couple of months ago and he absolutely loved it! I wish I could take him everyday.

I love these pics!