Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Unexpected House Guest

This morning while I was upstairs getting the twins ready for the day I heard Russ yelling at me to look over the railing. I looked down and saw a HUGE German shepard trotting through the foyer! For those of you who don't know our pets, we have a pug and min pin so I was REALLY surprised! The best part of the story...the dog let its self in! Turns out it is a really smart German shepard and can open doors. When we called the number on her tags, the owners said that she got out last night and had been running the neighborhood.

Russ was obviously very surprised to turn around and see this big, strange dog walking through the house but I think it brought on some sad feelings. He has several German shepards at the plant as guard dogs but his favorite, Mavrick, had to be put to sleep just a few months ago. I know some day I am going to be outnumbered and he and the boys will want a big dog but that is going to be a LONG time from now!

I have to say that one of the best parts of this story was Ashton's reaction. He just kept say, "I not scared Mommy! I not scared! Hold you Mommy! Hold you!" He really didn't want to be afraid but he is not used to seeing big dogs. Especially walking around our house!

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The Sharum's said...

hahahahahahahahaha - All your stories crack me up, b/c I know exactly what you mean..You have strange dogs in your house and I have a raccoon in the garage..I mean who could make this kind of shit up? That was a great story!!