Saturday, January 31, 2009

More on Russ' "Collection"

Well I am having a party at my house next Saturday so I told Russ that he HAD to work on his office. I told him that the boxes all over the place would have to be unpacked. He was a great sport and jumped right into it today. Here are a few pictures of what I am having to endure while he is unpacking. I hope you all notice ALL of the mannequins! My mom told me tonight that he told her that he has 20 more on the way so that he can display all of his military jackets. Once again ladies, I know all of you are so jealous that I am going to have all these lovely mannequins in my house!!!
I am posting a few pictures as he "cleans and organizes." Notice how it all flows out of his office and into the halls. These pictures really don't do it justice!

This last picture totally shows Russ' personality and humor. He knows I was kind of freaked out by the mannequins so he decided to play a joke on me. worked!!! It scared me to death! How would you feel if this is what you saw on your way to the bathroom?

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natalie said...

Seriously, 20 more? what is he gonna do, line the halls w/them? i thought i had it bad w/all the razorback crap at my house....i feel sorry for are a good wife!!!