Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catching up

Ok so forgive me but I am having some blogging problems. I can't seem to get my pictures to work with me so this post it kind of crazy!
I was reminded last night by Leigh that I haven't posted anything in a long time you go Leigh!!
This picture is from the Bahamas last week. Russ and I went ALONE!!!! The kids stayed here with Miss Lara. We had a wonderful and relaxing long weekend.

This is the only picture we have together and it isn't even on the beach!

This is a picture I took from our patio which walked out onto the beach. So wonderful! I had to take the picture of myself because my sweet husband had a little too many adult beverages that afternoon and he was taking a power nap! hahaha!!

This is what he looked like most of the trip. I don't really like him smoking cigars but I told him it wouldn't bother me while we were on vacation. Little did I know that he would have one in his mouth THE ENTIRE TRIP!!

This is just a cute picture of Henry from this week. He and Harper are both really coming into themselves and are both developing a precious little personality!

Today I was looking for the twins and I found them both with Russ in his office. I was cracking up over the Indiana Jones hats that are sooo big you can't even see their faces. Oh, and do you all notice the newest member of our feline family? SOOOO GROSS!!

How cute is this? I just love it!!

And now for the biggest news all summer......Does anyone notice who is wearing big boy underwear????? I have to say we are no where near potty trained but Ashton has not worn a diaper since Thursday. I may go insane before it is all over but I am determined to get this guy potty trained. We have accidents but I figure that is just part of it. I will keep you all updated but pray for me!! I need all the patience I can get during this VERY TRYING time!!
Oh, one last brother-in-laws, Tristan and Jon, who are twins and both married their high school sweethearts this last year, are BOTH expecting babies!!! Two more boys to add to the Alder family! We are so excited!! (If you don't know already, we know they will be boys because there hasn't been a girl on Russ' side of the family in 106 years. The chances are not good but I am still keeping my fingers crossed for Brooke and Amber. I know they would both love a girl!!)
This picture is of one proud little boy wearing his big boy underwear! Yea Ash!!!

And last but not least, this is what happens when Daddy sneaks the baby a cookie!


Rachel Brown said...

Love the post..My little newphews are something else:))) I love them!

Sarah and Brad said...

Great post..your babies are presh and the vacation looked like a wonderfully amazing time!!

Leigh said...

I love them. At first I thought you were going to talk about your fantastic trip to the Bahamas and give me NOTHING about the boys. I'm glad I was wrong. I just want to squeeze them :)

Anonymous said...

hey can you send me a picture of all the little boys!!!! but make sure they are totaly naked send it to please!!! thanks :)