Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Double Trouble

I hear from strangers everyday, "Oh gosh! Double Trouble!"

It always really bothers me and I always make sure to correct them by saying, "No just twice blessed."

Well this is what I saw this morning and all I could think was, "Oh gosh! Double Trouble!"

I mean look at those faces!!! They know they are busted and they don't even seem to mind!

These are just a few pictures of all of my boys playing before they went to bed. It is amazing that they have a HUGE playroom FULL of toys and they all chose to play with paper plates! Go figure!!!


One day at a time said...

These are my favorite pics! I need to get a copy from you, so I can frame it and put it in Brax's room. He loves looking at pics of his friends! Love you!

The Sharum's said...

This is just the start of it - hahahahaha..But we are twice blessed & it's twice as nice - your exactly right!! I've always thought Ashton looks like a little Russ, but in that last picture he looks exactly like you.