Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Little Nursing Home

Since the twins are really starting to spend more time on their feet (YAY!), we got out the "walker" toys to let the boys practice moving while on their feet. They have become more interested in moving while standing, and we got a few videos of the boys using their little walkers--we felt like we had our own little nursing home! :)



And last, but not least, here is Henry being Miss Lara's model this morning!


One day at a time said...

YEAH BOYS!!!!!! Your aunt May-May is sooo proud of you!!!

Rachel Brown said...

Henry looks like he is posing for his school picture. The little trouble maker.

Leigh Leigh said...

OH my gosh look at that little face. The sweater just tops it off. I miss my boys. Next week is SPRING BREAK and I'm going to go ahead and say I need it!

nat said...

So excited for the boys. They are growing so fast. And they ARE the best looking twins around!!! Love it!