Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My paintings are here!

My paintings are finished!! I can't wait to see them in person! Leigh Ann just sent me an email showing what they look like. The all look good but I really like this one of Harper. He looks so chubby!
I will share the rest of them when I actually get them in. One is a surprise but I can't say anything else because it is for someone who reads my blog. It looks awesome though and I know they will love it!

Don't you just love seeing those rolls? The boys are both really small. They weigh as much as Landy Lou and she is only 8 months old! I don't know if she is just really big or they are really small. Maybe a little of both! Anyway, I love this sweet little boy and I am so happy he is starting to finally feel better!
If anyone is interested in getting an oil painting done from a photo you have, just let me know and I will put you in touch with Leigh Ann. To give you an idea of prices... this is a 20x24 and I paid $150. REALLY REASONABLE and it looks soooo good!


Heather said...

Too cute! I can't wait to get em! Did she give you any idea of when they may be ready?

The Sharum's said...

O I LOVE IT!!! Did the one with the twins together turn out well?

One day at a time said...

I am speechless!!!! This pic needs to be blown up and hung in a museum somewhere!

Love you and squeeze the boys for me!

I have saved my money for the next party I want to get one done of Brax....can't wait!

One day at a time said...

Ok just noticed the curling of the toes....AWWWWWW LOVE IT!

Ok, it is 5:00 and I am going home!

Jenna said...

PRECIOUS!!! It doesn't hurt that your boys are so stinkin adorable either! I hope my painting turns out this good.

Rachel Brown said...

I just think your boys are VERY VERY small for their age haaaaaaa:) I don't want my Lou to have a complex. I thought Harper had rolls but Landy has way more than he ever thought of having.