Friday, March 20, 2009

Poor Harper

Well it seems like forever since I have made a post! Rachel has been making it fancy. Thanks Rach!

For all you who know us well, poor Harper has been sick a lot or has some strange issue. We have had a lot of very random (and scary) tests run on him lately. A couple of weeks ago we had to have him tested for Cystic Fibrosis (thank you Lord that it was negative!) and this week we found out he has a large blockage in his bowels. We were hoping that with the proper medication we could get him to finally pass it but there was a chance it was something more. Yesterday, after 3 days of double the laxatives, he started vomiting. This was very scary because they then thought he had a complete bowel obstruction. (Which was an initial concern) Thank goodness we learned today after new abdominal x-rays....he is passing the blockage. It is getting smaller but not gone so we are having to continue with doubling his daily laxitive which presents a separate problem. MAJOR DIAPER RASH!!!!

These are some sweet pictures of Harper hanging out in the kitchen sink while soaking his red bum!

Harper and Henry are also getting ready to get their new leg braces. Hopefully with the help of the braces and all their physical therapy, they will both be walking before we know it!!!

This is a picture of Ashton today having a cookie. He is getting so big!


Jenna said...

Poor little guy. How miserable! As for the're about to be in shoe HELL. It's hard to find shoes wide enough for the braces. Definitely a conspiracy. Stride Rite is the only brand I have found to make cute wide (and extra wide) boy shoes. You can find new balance tennis shoes in a wide and extra wide as well. That's about it. And-- Will has to have two for his braces, and one for without. Because without the braces in the extra wides, they don't fit. Ugh! In the winter we only have shoes for braces, because he wears them every day. But, this time of year it gets tricky because he can't wear crocs or sandals. We still do on occasion. But, I will say they have made a huge difference. He has worn them since he was about 14 months, and they really do help with stability. Good luck. I know it can be discouraging sometimes, but they will get their own time. I thought my boys would never learn to walk. Jack was almost 18 months, and Will started walking by himself right after his second birthday. So, I know what you're going through. Hang in there. If you ever need to talk give me a ring. I wish I had known someone who went through something similar when mine were smaller. It just feels good to know someone "gets" what you're going through. Thinking about you.

Sarah and Brad said...

Poor baby! I hope he's feeling better by now. The painting in the post before is beautiful. I think I paid the photographer $200 for an 11x14 (print!!!) so I would definitely be interested in having her do something in the future. It does help that Harper is a doll though!