Monday, April 6, 2009

Garage Sale

Hey everyone! Just wanted you all to know that Rachel and I are having a BIG garage sale on Saturday. We will have mostly kids/baby stuff. Some adult clothes and furniture but mostly baby things. I have a TON (almost glutonous) of baby boy stuff from the twins last summer. Some is 3-6 and a some is 6-12. I would say that about 85% is polo. They all look brand new. Actually, some still has tags on them. I know! TERRIBLE!!
If you know anyone who has a baby boy, send them my way!! We will let our friends shop first so let me or Rachel know if you want to come by on Thursday. We also have A LOT of toys!
Just a little FYI if anyone is interested!! Tell your friends!!! Thanks girls!!

(Jenna, I called you tonight. Not sure if you got my message. I have a bunch of things monogrammed with "Henry" so Heather might be interested! Obviously not selling those in the garage sale but thought she might want to take a look!)


Mary Kate said...

I wanna come & get some clothes for Cooper! Is it at your house or Rachels??

Karen Cleveland said...

Do you have any bouncy seats or single strollers? Baby stuff always sells well, so I bet you guys are going to make a ton of money!! Good luck!!

Jenna said...

By the time I figured out you left me a message (after I read this post), I figured it might be too late to call back. I'll call Heather tomorrow about the "Henry" clothes. I know she'll be SUPER excited to come and take a peek. I know she will also want to "pre-shop" too. I'll give you a call about when we can come by. Thanks so much!!!