Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh how they look up to their big brother!

The twins want to do anything that Ashton does. That includes eating the same food that he eats and drinking from the same cup that he drinks from. Most of the time Ashton is really good about being nice to them. Other times, well I am sure you can imagine. This is Henry tonight helping himself to the yogurt that Ashton stepped away from. Notice how he poured it all down his shirt while he tried to DRINK it!

Here is both of the twins after they dumped Ash's chicken nuggets and are now eating them off of the floor. (I do realize that I should have been more concerned about taking away the nuggets than taking pictures but I just couldn't resist!)

Last but definitely not least! This is Henry creating his own "sit and spin" with Ashton's plate of chicken nuggets! Too funny!!!


Rachel Brown said...

Oh my are so baaad I can't help but loving you!

One day at a time said...

Ok, love Mr. Henry!!!! He is going to be soooo sweet and!

Sarah and Brad said...

Hee cute! I bet you have so much fun with your house full of adorable and creative BOYS!!

The Sharum's said...
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The Sharum's said...

Sorry my 1st post didn't make sense - hahahaha...Your boys are the CUTEST things..