Friday, April 24, 2009

Hospital update

After a LOOOOOOOOOOONG night, we are doing better. Harper had a bad tummy ache and was also very upset about the oxygen he had. He usually goes to bed at 6:30. Last night it was around 1:30. I think he finally just wore himself out.

We were up bright and early with lab work and Dr. Beene just left. WE LOVE DR. BEENE!!!!

She is referring him to a Pulmonologist in NWA (thank goodness) and we will hopefully get to the bottom of all of this pneumonia.

He is feeling a little better and even playing some in his crib. Hopefully he and I will both be able to take a little snooze this afternoon since we slept so little last night.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and Natalie, don't make offers like Mexican if you don't plan on following through!! Harper is a big fan of the rice and beans! JUST JOKING!


nat said...

hey, i will bring you what ever you want....just say the word!

Sarah and Brad said...

Poor little guy...and poor you!! I hope that the Dr. in NWA can help him out...that's a lot of pneumonia for one little boy!!

Keeping you guys in our prayers!

Lani said...

I hope the little guys gets better quick and you can all get some much needed rest:)

Katie Kate's Blog..... said...

i LOVE DR. BEENE TO SHE IS WONDERFUL...Keep up the good work. Its tuff when they are sick and staying the hospital...My 8month old had croup not to long ago. She made me feel so much better.