Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My boys and their favorite HERO

This is something that is a nightly thing at our house. Oh how all 4, yes 4....Russ being the fourth, love INDIANA JONES!!!!!
Ashton has now started reciting the words! I think he has seen the movie a few too many times!!! Have I ever mentioned that he sleeps all night to the theme song on repeat? Yes he is obsessed!!!!
The twins are following right in Ashton's footsteps. They love all the things their daddy likes. They love Indiana Jones, wearing hats, and playing in Russ' office with all of his artifacts.

Yes this is our HERO!!! We love "Dr. Jones." (As Ash likes to call him!)

These next pictures are from a week or so ago when Braxton and Megan came over to play. Megan and I left for five minutes to go pick up pizza and this is what we saw when we came home. Needless to say, they were watch Indiana Jones!

Can you tell how serious Ashton takes this?


The Sharum's said...

That is too cute!! Your boys are the cutest things!!

nat said...

I love it!!! The boys will hate this pic when they are about 16!!!

One day at a time said...

We had the best time on Saturday! That is all Brax talked about is "Ashton (well as he says it Ass) lol"

When they get older and they are out picking up women they are going to be like "hey our names are ass and ax...what's ur name?"

Ok, I need a copies of these pics to put in Brax's room!

Love you!

Laura said...

I am dying laughing! The last picture is too cute! Hey, there could be worse heros FOR SURE!