Saturday, April 4, 2009

LONG day!

Well today has been a REALLY LONG DAY!! It started with all three boys in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready this morning. The twins like to turn the water on to my tub. Well it also has a sprayer and some how Harper got it on as well. I hate to admit it but...I wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. He had turned the sprayer and it was soaking my area rug! I hear a blood curling scream and turn around in a panic to see the sprayer turned and spraying Harper in the face. He was freaking out!!! Can you say HUGE mess!!!
After taking all three boys (by myself) to Maggie Rae's soccer game, getting them some lunch, and putting them all down for a nap, I was exhausted. I revived while they slept. As soon as they were up we loaded back up and went to Russ' parents house for a visit. We left Ashton there while we went to church. This is a regular Saturday thing because being 2 and sitting for an hour through Mass doesn't go very good together. Russ and I meet my parents every week with the twins and have never had a problem. UNTIL TODAY! First Russ had to leave with Harper. A few minutes later I had to leave with Henry. We decided to not go back in and instead go to the cry room. I am not a big believer in the cry room because I want my kids to participate in the entire Mass. I feel so secluded in the cry room. Well guess what, Russ had to take Harper out of the cry room too!!! B-A-D!!
After that craziness, we decided to go to eat. Not sure what we were thinking but we went to Taliano's because it was just down the road. Well no big surprise but they were SOOOOO bad!! Both boys had to be taken out of the restaurant. Lavaca was having their prom and there was 20 kids in the small room with us and my screaming kids. So fun!
Now all kids are in bed and I am drinking a beer. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


The Sharum's said...

I so feel your pain!! Been there, done that!! And still do that - haha!!

Jenna said...

Oh Lesli, I know what you mean. It's like they feed off of eachother, and before you know it--they have revolted!!! I think mine all just "know" that they way outnumber me....and I can only deal with one major problem at a time, and they see that as an "opportunity". This parenting thing is so hard! I'm just waiting for the day to be able to reason with all of them. Will that day ever come????? I think we're both paying for our raising...and our husband's too!!!

Sarah and Brad said...

Oh goodness Lesli...reading that makes me very scared of the day that I have 3 children!! Ha! You seem to be a pro at it though!!