Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So Miss Lara and I have been busy being crafty. Ok, Lara more so than me but I should get a LITTLE credit!
Ok first I want to share a REALLY fun idea to "fluff" up any boring old lamp. Those of you who know me well know that I am obsessed with lamps!!! Can't have enough of them!! Russ likes to disagree but he tolerates them.
Ok here is a picture of a nice lamp but it is a little boring.

Now scroll down and see how a strip of fun feathers and some pretty dangly beads really spices it up!!!

Soooo fun!!!!! All we did was hot glue them to the bottom of the lamp. I was going to put some on the top as well but ran out of stuff. I may add the "fluff" to the top later.

Ok now on to more festive crafts! Of course, Valentine's Day! Russ and I are not big on celebrating with each other but it is so fun to celebrate with the kids. Here are some really cute Chinese take out boxes that I found at Hobby Lobby. We made Rice Crispy Treats that we put sprinkles in and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to put inside. We also made fortune cookies out of felt(soo cute!!) Inside the cookies are some Hershey kisses and a strip of paper that says, "I am FORTUNATE to have you as a friend!"

Just thought I would share some of our crafts with you all because I love reading all the fun stuff you all do (AKA Heather Kohler!)

Last but not least is a picture of the twins enjoying their first taste of Rice Crispy Treats. BIG HIT!!

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Heather said...

OMG....you need to 'get your craft on' more often! That stuff is all so cute! Fortune cookies out of felt...I am impressed!