Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Little Walker

So I bet you are thinking that Henry pulled up yesterday and is walking today. Not hardly!!!! He was proudly standing in his crib this morning. I wish I had a picture! Too cute!
No my little walker is Harper! He still isn't pulling up but we are working very hard on it. We go to the Kistler Center for our therapy and last week they started him walking with a walker. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen so I came prepared today with my camera! Last week he hated it but this week he was actually ok. It is amazing what a kid will do for a cheerio!!!

Can you tell that Mommy is proud?


Jenna said...

Precious!! Brings back memories. Will used one until a few months past his 2nd birthday. It went everywhere with us. He took it to school everyday and the other kids LOVED it. His was an older version, and had hollow tennis balls on the back legs. He looked like a little old man. It was hilarious!! Hang in there, he'll be walking before you know it!! as you know it is OVER!!! ha ha.

Rachel, Andy, Maggie Rae and Landy Lou Brown said...

See I told you people would want to know where his tennis balls were on his walker!!!