Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a fun day with the cousins

Today was a nice day. All the kids played really well together. Maggie Rae was mad at me by the end of the day but that isn't that unusual (she said I was going to go to Hell for spanking but I didn't even spank her! I just almost spanked her and Ash and she held a grudge!)
Here are a few pictures of the first time ALL five cousins played together with the same toy. I know it looks as if Landy Lou isn't playing but she really liked the Legos. It was just unfortunate that when all the kids got involved she wasn't in the mix.

Just a cute picture of my Baby Lou and her mommy. (Can you all tell how much weight Rachel has lost!? Doesn't she look AWESOME!!! I keep telling her but she doesn't believe me. Maybe you should tell her too!)

This is Landy Lou and Henry playing together yesterday. Harper was sick and just hanging out with me and the two older cousins were still at school. They really seemed to enjoy playing together. It was so funny to hear them "talk" to each other!

This last picture is just a sweet picture of Henry that I wanted to share!

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One day at a time said...

I love these pics!!!! They are all sooo precious and I just want to squeeze them! Ugh...hey Rachel and Leslie you both have lost so much weight and you girls look amazing!!!! Love you girls!!!